About "Near and Far" Telework Program

"Near and Far" Telework Program is a initiative supported by Hailla company seeking to create a flexible work environment that keeps pace with the developments in the global labor market.

Technology revolution played a role in fostering new cultures in the local labor market, as it is possible today to find flexible job opportunities that overcome physical obstacles and connect employers with employees through a virtual workplace.

Moreover, the program is keen on providing the needs of two different yet essential segments in the workforce. These needs will be fulfilled by providing flexible job opportunities that overcome transportation obstacles and other obstacles faced by anyone during work hours.

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From anywhere!!
The "Near and Far" Telework Program, provided to you, is considered the first official entity, aiming to support and organize the telework. The program is under the supervision of the Hailla Company; it provides integrated solutions for telework through establishing laws and controls as well as coordinating with the private and governmental agencies to provide the necessary support.

The program provides safety and legal solutions, enabling you to work from anywhere, while ensuring all your work rights under the direct supervision of Hailla Company. Therefore, the program will provide you with a job subjected to the laws, with legal contracts.

Moreover, the Hailla company will provide you with all the necessary technological requirements and will also provide you with training on the basics of telework, in addition to the method for using the "Near and Far" system.

Why "Near and Far" Telework Program?
This program provides to you the ideal solution to the transportation problem, where you can work from your home without having to go to the company’s premises. It also allows for working flexibly so that you can be close to your family. You will be able to have a better work-life balance through a reliable and official job that ensures your professional rights.

If you have a disability, the workplace readiness or the difficulty of the daily commuting won't be a barrier any more to officially join the labor market, as the project provides you with the perfect solution for joining the market through official job opportunities with salaries equal to those of the clerical jobs in their financial returns that will ensure your future career. The available jobs are wide-ranging and will consequently create new opportunities to enhance your experience and skills without being bound by the traditional barriers.

How to join the program?
Apply for the job that is ideal for your career path through contact with hailla company.

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Your chance to flexibly attract competencies
"Near and Far" Telework Program that provides a chance to attract competencies without having them to attend to the company’s premises. Employment is based on formal contractual, in addition to their registration at the Hailla security system.

As an employer, the program enables you to reach the largest number of qualified competencies, as well as recruiting them in an easy and fast manner that ensures their productivity from their homes without incurring extra cost. Moreover, the available additional flexibility for the teleworker increases his productivity and raises the level of his sustainability at work, which reflects positively on your company.

The program provides flexible recruitment according to the Company’s needs, whether full time or part time, and with desired working hours, which do not have to be consistent with the Company’s working hours.

Want to join the program?
After determining the extent of your establishment’s need to adopt a telework system and establishing “telework” jobs conforming to the program’s terms and conditions; you can resort to Hailla Company to provide the service according to the establishment’s requirements.

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